CorrosionX products have been distributed in the UK since 2004, initially through Advanced Car Products Limited.

2019 saw CorrosionX Limited expand and move to new offices allowing greater stock levels to be held in the UK. During 2023 & throughout 2024 we are working with Corrosion Technologies Inc ( to bring all packing to be in line globally.

In order to meet UK and European labelling requirements for chemicals and to provide retailers with GTIN-13 Barcodes, some of our product packaging and labelling has been redesigned for the UK market. Despite different packaging from the US packaging, the product we sell in the UK is supplied by Corrosion Technologies Inc ( and shipped in bulk to the UK.

CorrosionX Aviation also retain the US Milspec ( MIL-PRF-81309H Type IV ) and relevant Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and Cessna product numbers.

Corrosion Technologies Inc was formed in 1988 to commercialise an anti-corrosion product for the aviavtion industry and has been evolving ever since.