Lubricates, protects from corrosion, penetrates, un-seizes.

If you are used to household products, then you will be amazed at CorrosionX’s effectiveness.

Professional race teams have commented that bolts that normally need a blowtorch to undo, can be removed easily once CorrosionX has penetrated. This has multiple benefits – parts can be reused; other components are not damage through use of excessive heat, and time is reduced.

As a lubricant – door locks, hinges, suspension components, any regularly used nuts and bolts can be lubricated effectively once. No more constantly repeating lubrication of locks that continue to re-seize.

As a corrosion preventative coating, CorrosionX out-performs the best-known brand (which is only a simple wax oil barrier coating) many times over, and will creep and spread into formerly impossible to reach cavities. Polar bonding means it clings to vertical surfaces much better. It will not harm paint, so is perfect for partially-painted insides of body panels and cavities.

Is a high-tech paint sealant that was developed for the aviation industry to protect painted fuselages from exhaust gasses and detritus.

The advanced cross-linking polymer sealants do such a good job that is creates, as a by product, an unbelievable shine. It is incredibly hard-wearing, lasting for up to a year and protecting paint from everything that our UK roads and environment…and birds…can throw at it.

ProteX is also highly recommended for wheels (which for 99% of all wheels are painted aluminium castings). You are not alone in probably using an acid wheel cleaner to currently remove brake dust from your  wheels.

Unsurprisingly, this is harmful to the paint on your wheels and it will corrode over time. If you polish your wheels with ProteX, you will no longer need to use an acid wheel cleaner. I personally use the same shampoo that I wash the car’s  bodywork with. Wheels are painted, just like the rest of your car and you wouldn’t use acid on your bodywork…

Finally, ProteX can be used on all glass and plastic (e.g. lights and number plates) to create a clean surface that stays clean longer and repels dirt and water.

Occasionally, you want to clean parts of the car that demand a tough yet harmless cleaner. Xtreme Clean is just that. It can be diluted 40:1  or 60:1 in steam/pressure cleaners, and our customers report it to be 3x as effective as industrial Traffic Film Remover (TFR).

Supplied in a trigger spray as undiluted concentrate it is amazingly effective on the toughest parts to clean for your car or home…we use it on our shower screens…

MaxWax is a military-grade underbody sealant that uses the same corrosion-preventative technology as CorrosionX, but in a coating that is designed to harden more fully whilst remaining flexible enough for underbody use. It will also continue to flow and self-heal.

CorrosionX has a number of great products for your car or motorcycle to maintain, repair and enhance your vehicle.

CorrosionX spray is an amazing lubricant, penetrant and rust inhibitor. Whether it’s for seized bolts (CorrosionX spray will penetrate and release), underbody protection (Rust Remover and Rust Reconverter as well as MaxWax) or enhancing the paintwork (ProteX for paint and glass will repel water and dirt) and our newest product WheelX which protects alloy wheels from the effects of brake dust.