For caravans, we have 4 products that are ideally suited and complementary.

Is perfect for removing black streaks without harming the gel coat or any other painted or natural surface. It will also clean the exterior prior to applying RejeX.
For protecting your caravan from the weather, and maybe more importantly from the effects of winter hibernation where black streaks, rust streaks and other marks that are hard to shift come the spring. It will both enhance and protect every exterior surface – paint, gelcoat, glass and plastic. It is also incredibly easy to use – a simple wipe on/buff off (after leaving for 20 minutes or so) and can be applied in pretty much any weather condition.
For those parts that are exposed metal that need the surface rust removing prior to protection with CorrosionX, our Rust Remover product is harmless yet effective. (Xtreme Clean is the neutralising wash).
For all caravans and trailers, if you want to keep all the underbody parts free and moving easily, then CorrosionX will protect, lubricate and prevent future corrosion. We use on braking mechanisms (NOT friction surfaces), all of the jockey wheel components, legs, and any other mechanical part. You can also lightly spray the entire chassis underneath for the ultimate in chassis protection.