Radio Controlled

The weather in the UK isn’t kind to RC vehicles, especially speed controllers. CorrosionX is the solution.
Its unique properties combine to form the perfect RC partner…it bonds to metal and other surfaces, driving out and creating a barrier to water; it then protects the electrics by being electrically inert – so you can spray directly onto electronic components and circuits without impeding their function.
As CorrosionX is also available in a trigger-spray bottle, many of our customers pour it into a shallow dish and submerge electrical components to allow CorrosionX to penetrate and protect.

1. We submerged a Nokia phone in CorrosionX… then called the phone!

One of our customers sent this…excuse the language. This is a RC car driven through a puddle in a field that completely submerges the entire car…which then continues to drive perfectly once retrieved!

(NB Although CorrosionX is inherently non-flammable, the environmentally-friendly propellant used in our aerosol cans is flammable. Please use caution when applying to electrical equipment. Before applying, make sure there is no current running though the system and that electrical motors are disconnected before applying.)